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Bible Reading / Key Beliefs

Day 23

Acts 2

Holy Spirit
In chapter 1 of Acts, Jesus said His followers would receive power from the Holy Spirit so they could take the message of Jesus throughout the world. This chapter gives great examples of this. First, Peter who had previously struggled to be bold in following Jesus is now preaching in a very persuasive way. Second, Jesus’ followers begin to preach in languages they don’t know. The audience was a collection of Jews from all over the world. Jesus’ original followers were all from Israel and spoke Aramaic. Amazingly, everyone heard the message of Jesus in their own language. As a result of this preaching, 3000 trusted Jesus that day. This was the birth of the church.
Today, when people trust Jesus, they still receive the Holy Spirit. Not so we can draw attention to ourselves with special abilities, but to enable us to reach others with the message of Jesus.