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Bible Reading / Key Beliefs

Day 29

Job 2 & Revelation 12:10

Satan is described in the Bible as one of God’s angels who rebelled against God. In today’s reading, Satan appears before God who asks Satan about a righteous man named Job. Satan says Job is only righteous because God has given Job an easy and successful life. In Revelation 12:10, Satan is referred to as the accuser of people who follow Jesus. This chapter is an example of his accusations; even a person’s best efforts are criticized by Satan. God gives Satan permission to test Job’s faith, which Satan does with great cruelty. This story reveals some important information about Satan. First, he can’t act unless God allows it. At times, Satan may appear to be winning in the battle between good and evil, but ultimately, God has the final word. Second, he battles against God through people like us. He can’t directly attack God, but he can attack those God loves.
There are going to be times you feel under attack. The attack may come in the form of accusations. Everyone has probably felt criticized despite doing his or her best for God. Everyone has probably felt guilty for a past sin the Bible tells us was forgiven by Jesus’ death. These are among Satan’s greatest tools to turn us away from doing what God wants. Do not fall victim to Satan’s lies!