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Bible Reading / Key People

Day 26

Exodus 20


Our chapter today gives the Ten Commandments that serve as the basis for the relationship between God and the people of Israel. Some of the commands define the relationship between the people and God; others define the relationships between people. Moses is taking on a huge task as he takes responsibility for enforcing God’s commands. Although he will, for the most part, remain faithful to God, the people will not. Moses’ leadership of the people will cause him great heartache in the years following the giving of the law.

When Jesus was asked about the greatest commandment in Matthew 22:35-40, He said it was to love God and the second greatest was to love others. It’s an amazing insight to realize that if our hearts are right, everything else falls into place. We need rules like the Ten Commandments so we can make sure we know how God defines love, but it still comes down to love. How is your love life?