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Bible Reading / Key People

Day 50

1 Kings 17


David’s son and grandson become kings of Israel. Shortly after David’s grandson became king, Israel split into two nations, one called Israel and the other called Judah. Elijah lives in Israel during the reign of an evil king named Ahab. We aren’t given information about Elijah’s birth, early life or how he became a prophet or spokesperson for God. He simply arrives on the scene as someone who confronts the king in a very bold way. God then provides protection and food for Elijah while the rest of the nation suffers for disobeying Him.

How much courage does it take to confront an evil king who can have you executed? How could Elijah be sure it would not rain; that he could make flour and oil from nothing; and could raise the dead? Elijah accomplished great things for God because Elijah had faith. God doesn’t expect all of us to do the things Elijah did, but we should all have the faith Elijah had. If you knew God wanted you to take a huge risk, would you do it?