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Bible Reading / Key People

Day 78

Matthew 4


Our chapter begins with Jesus’ temptation, but also tells of Jesus asking Peter, sometimes called Simon, to follow Him. We learn a little of Peter’s background: he was a fisherman and had a brother named Andrew. Peter’s response to Jesus seems to be kind of sudden, but this may not have been the first time Peter met Jesus or heard His teaching. Perhaps he had been considering following Jesus, but this is when he committed. Even if that’s the case, it was a step of faith for Peter to leave his job to follow someone who was a great teacher, but had no obvious way of supporting Himself or His followers.

We are all asked to follow Jesus, but are there things we are unwilling to give up for Him? Jesus isn’t asking all of us to give up our jobs. He usually expects us to serve Him where we are, but we should always be willing to follow when God sends us in a new direction to fish for people.