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Bible Reading / Key People

Day 8

Genesis 13


At the end of chapter 11, we are given the genealogy of Abram, whose name will be changed to Abraham. We didn’t read chapter 12, but in it God tells Abram to move from his hometown to a new place where God will bless him. He does as God instructs and takes his nephew, Lot, along with him. Abram and Lot separate, and Abram arrives in the place God wants him and his descendants to live.

It’s interesting to see how God’s instructions combined with human decision-making put Abram right where God wants him. In Acts 17:26, Paul talks about how God determines the places where people live. You may feel like you make the decisions, but God has much more to do with it than we may sometimes be aware. God is involved in all of our lives, even when we don’t recognize Him.