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Bible Reading / Key People

Day 85

Acts 9


You may be familiar with who Paul was, but before he started preaching to Gentiles (non-Jews), Paul was known as Saul. In chapter 7, a Christian named Stephen was killed for his faith and Saul had approved of his killing. In chapter 8, Saul had begun to arrest Christians and put them in prison. Now in chapter 9, Saul is planning to continue to arrest Christians. Saul had at least heard of the miracles that surrounded the church and had heard the preaching of Jesus’ followers but still not believed. For someone like Saul, God needed to make a bold move to capture his attention.

We may have those in our lives whom we can’t imagine coming to Jesus. Maybe the person is opinionated like Saul or someone who seems to really enjoy a sinful lifestyle. God may have a plan that involves a bold move that can’t be denied. Don’t ever give up on anyone!