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Bible Reading / LCBC: Why We Exist

Day 5: Why Anyone Can Lead Where They Are


Read: Ephesians 4

In this passage, we read about how the biblical leaders equipped others to lead in the name of Jesus - and that’s an important detail! The ministry “professionals” - that is, those who went to seminary, the pastors and prophets, were trained leaders, but they were directed to train people who were not “professionals” to lead others to Jesus, too.

All over our church you’ll see all kinds of people in ministry work. Leading Groups, serving in kidVenture Island, visiting people in the hospital, making meals, and on and on. Ministry doesn’t need to be held back by professionalism - if you’re a follower of Jesus, or even if you’re still asking questions, there is a place for you to serve in our church. You can start the conversation around serving at

We hope this Bible Reading Plan gave you some background information about LCBC and how we do things around our church - if you have any other questions or want to know how to get more involved, contact us and start the conversation!