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Parents: Write “My soul is very sad…Then he fell with his face to the ground. He prayed.” on a small piece of paper. Place the paper inside an Easter egg and hide it for your kids to find.

Kids: Look for the second Easter egg!

Together: Read in Matthew 26:38-39 about how sad Jesus was because he knew a difficult time was coming. Listen closely for the words that were inside the Egg and to hear what Jesus did.

God sent Jesus to Earth to die on the cross for our sins. Jesus knew this was God’s plan but was feeling upset and scared. As we read in the Bible, when Jesus felt this way he prayed to God. Ask each other, what is something that makes you feel sad? What do you do to feel better? How can we ask God for help when we are sad?

As a family, ask God to help you know to come to him when you’re feeling down. Remember that God wants you to come to him in prayer. Sometimes prayer may look like closed eyes and folded hands. Other times, you can open our hands to praise him. You can even pray aloud or by writing it down. No matter how you pray, God wants you to go to him! Think about creating a quiet place in your home that your kids know they can go to pray and ask God for help when they are feeling sad