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Bible Reading / Remix Your Negative Thoughts

Day 2: I lack nothing.

Read: Psalm 23

In a culture where you’re persuaded to supersize your order of fries, start a side hustle to get rich quickly or take out a small mortgage for the latest and greatest smartphone, the message we receive is clear: more is more! When we’re steeped in it long enough, we start to look at our lives through the lens of what we lack: money, time, sleep, you name it.

Psalm 23 paints a drastically different picture. The first sentence sums it up: “The Lord is my shepherd. I have all that I need.” God sees you, and he provides for everything you need to get through each day. Your definition of “enough” may not look exactly like God’s, but trust that God is ready to give you exactly what you need today.

Don’t forget – God is available to listen to our requests, and he wants us to bring them to him! If there’s something you feel you’re lacking in your life today, take some time right now and tell God about it. Ask him to provide for you in the way that only he can.