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Bible Reading / Resolve Conflict & Heal Your Broken Relationships

Day 5 | Avoidance Delays Conflict Resolution

Read: Romans 12:17-21 

Some animals have God-given resources to survive predators. Antelopes have speed to outrun lions. Some tree frogs have poison on their skin. Porcupines have spines. Turtles have a shell to hide in. Hiding from a predator will save a turtle. Avoiding conflict won’t make the conflict go away. 

We can choose to face conflicts head on, with humility and prayer and a soft word, or we can choose to avoid them, but this will likely make things worse. Conflict is inevitable, but escalating the conflict with avoidance doesn’t have to be.

What does Paul mean when he writes, “Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.”? The key word is “do”. To do is to act. To avoid is the opposite. To put off the hard conversation, to “just live with it,” or to cut that person from your life may be easier, but it is passive. It’s the opposite of doing, isn’t it?

As you reflect on the conflicts in your life, avoidance may be the easier option, at least for now. But if nothing is resolved, the conflict festers, like a porcupine spike in your hand that you didn’t remove. You may forget about it sometimes, but it’s still there, making everyday tasks more difficult. This week we’ve read about prayer, humility, and the skills we can use to resolve conflict. If there is a conflict in your life that needs to be resolved, will you make a plan to speak to the other person and heal the relationship?

Prayer: God, help me to stand up and do what needs to be done to heal this conflict. Give me peace, strength, courage, and soft words to say what needs to be said. Help me to listen to understand and be humble throughout the conversation. Amen.