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Read: 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

What causes conflict? Sin. The mistakes we make, either in regard to other people or towards God. When our pride and self-centeredness cause conflict with other people, we can work to resolve it. We’ve seen this week how prayer, humility, and a soft word can help us there. But what about when our sin brings conflict between us and God?

Sin is inevitable. Eternal separation from God is not.

From the very first humans, Adam and Eve, sin has caused separation between humans and God. God modeled for us how to handle that conflict, didn’t he? Instead of writing us off, he sought a relationship with us. Instead of waiting for us to make the first move, he sent his son Jesus to live as a man and to die on a cross for our sake, so that we can be reconciled to God. Instead of harsh words, which we fully deserve, God spoke words of hope and peace and love for us.

What does it take to be reconciled to God? God has already done the work. All we have to do is believe. When we believe, we are made new. No longer ruled by sin. No longer separated from God. A new creation. Will you believe today?

Prayer: God, thank you for your unending love and the forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ. I want to be reconciled to you. Please forgive my sins and make me a new creation. Amen.