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Bible Reading / Rise EP Bible Reading Plan

Day 1: Good News


Listen to:  Good News

Read: Romans 10: 9-15

Lyrics from Good News (Live) by LCBC Worship:

All are invited

All can find grace

No one is too far

All can be saved

Good news is calling the dead to arise

Our God is alive

Jesus gave his life for us. Not for some of us, or the best of us, but for ALL of us. Jesus was beaten, tortured and humiliated as he dragged that wooden cross through the dirt. Surrounded and mocked by the very people he came to save. His blood and tears poured to the ground with every step - and yet he carried that cross to the place where he would give his life in exchange for our sin.

But the beauty of it all is that the story didn’t end with his death, but with his resurrection 3 days later. He rose to life and he is calling us to rise up and spread the Good News.