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Bible Reading / Spiritual Gifts

Day Five – Develop Your Gift


Read: Jude 17-23

Additional Scripture: 1 Peter 4:101 Corinthians 13:10-12 & Ephesians 4:13-16

God gives you the gift, but your job is to develop your gift.

Jude compels us to “build each other up” in the faith as we stay centered on God’s love, are merciful to doubters, and work to rescue people from God’s judgment.

Building ourselves up in faith can mean a lot, but certainly one aspect of it is to develop your gift to become more helpful and useful. This means we can have a raw ability to do something well, but not really participate in God’s kingdom if we leave the ability unshaped. Can you imagine having a gift of kindness and leaving it on the shelf, not growing in it? How cool is it that we could actually grow in kindness, leadership, love, and so many other things?

How are you going to intentionally grow in your gift in this season?

Is there a…

Skill to master?

Person to meet?

Commitment to make?

Character to strengthen?

Confidence to rest in?

As you develop in your gift, the Holy Spirit will continue to produce growth both in your life so that you can be rooted in and effective for faith and through your life so you can be a full participant in God’s mission to reach people and restore the world.