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Bible Reading / Spiritual Gifts

Day One - The Purpose of Gifts


Read: Genesis 1:26-28

Additional Scripture: Ephesians 2:8-10 & Acts 17:26-28

God created us all in his image and gave us a clear command – to participate with God as his representatives on earth. He asks us to, “fill the earth and govern it” on his behalf. Let’s be real, God certainly didn’t need our help, but he asked us to do his work. He wants you to join with him in his mission to reconcile people back to himself, serve the church, and make the world a better place.

He uniquely created you to join him in certain ways, times, and places. There are many things we have no control over in life. A few of them include our family, where we were born, and when we were born. However, the Bible teaches that God had his eyes on all of that. He is actually the one in control of everything. He planned for you to do good things and placed you intentionally in this time of history, this region of the world, during this season of your life, creating you in such a way to have a unique contribution to his mission on earth.

Your spiritual gift is the unique ability you use to contribute to God’s mission of reaching people and influencing the world.

As you read today, trust that he created you and saved you on purpose, for a purpose. He doesn’t need your help, but He wants you to join him. You were meant to be part of something bigger!