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Bible Reading / Spiritual Gifts

Day Two – The Basis of Gifts


Read: 1 Corinthians 12:4-27

Additional Scripture: Romans 12:1-6aEphesians 4:1-8

In each section of the Bible concerning Spiritual Gifts, there is a little introduction reminding us of the cause, the context, and the conduct of our gifts. Before we learn how to use our gifts, God is teaching us how to be a gift.

The Cause: God.

The word “gift” comes from the word “grace.” The grace of God, through Jesus Christ, is working in you and is on display through you to other people. Gifts are not something we should take credit for; they are something we celebrate, steward, and develop.

The Context: Church.

Paul uses the illustration of a body to remind you that we all need each other. God’s church doesn’t have a mission, God’s mission has a church, and we all have an equally important part to play. You are part of a bigger body of people called the Church that is responsible for sharing God’s love to the world.

The Conduct: Humility.

As if God knows that sometimes humans get a bit boastful and proud about our abilities, he reminds us that as we use our gift, our conduct should be humble, gentle, loving, and patient with others.

Without a sense of God, the Church, and a sense of humility, your gift to the church can become a platform for yourself. We must constantly push against the temptation to make much of ourselves instead of consistently glorifying God through our abilities.