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Read: 1 Kings 11:1-13

In this passage, we see King Solomon indulging his desire to have many women in his life. He marries 700 women and keeps 300 more on the side. Even after God’s clear instructions to not marry these women, who worshiped false gods, Solomon ignores him. Instead, he follows his immediate wants, almost as if he has a compulsive need for the attention and intimacy of these women. Solomon falls deeper and deeper under the influence of his wives and concubines and ends up casting his faith in God aside. He allows the women to distract him and convince him to worship their false gods. Because of this, God delivers some harsh consequences for Solomon’s disobedience, vowing to take the kingdom out of King Solomon’s bloodline.

Solomon’s overpowering desire to marry these women and chase the feelings he got from them doesn’t look too far off from the way many struggle with addiction today. Solomon allowed the voice of his addiction to drown out the voice of God in his life, and if we aren’t careful, our addictions and habits can do the same. The subject of our addiction can quickly become the object of our worship, which can have lasting consequences.

The influence of our addictions can be powerful, but God is stronger. If you’re ready to run back to God, away from the bondage of your addiction, there’s no better day to start than today. Ask God to forgive you for ignoring his voice in your life, and take a step to get help. We have resources to help you win the fight against addiction.