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Bible Reading / The Life of Daniel

Daniel 2:1-23


Let’s Look Closer: In chapter two, we get some additional insight into king Nebuchadnezzar. He’s relatively new to being the king. He also has absolute power but also seems to be pretty hotheaded. That can be a dangerous combination for a person who makes decisions.

We also get some insight into Daniel’s position serving in the palace. At the end of chapter 1, we see that Daniel reached a high level of influence with the king. They went from low-level wise men to the highest level. Pretty impressive for a foreign slave!

In this passage, we see the king’s hothead on full display. There’s nothing fair about this situation. The king asks his wise men to do the impossible and know what he dreamed! He then orders them to be killed for their failure. Additionally, he orders the deaths of wise men who haven’t even had the chance to respond.

Like in chapter 1, Daniel and his friends recognize God is still in charge. This unjust situation is met with a godly response. It’s important to note that Daniel asked God for help and gave God credit for the result. Even the wise men, who didn’t worship God, recognized that “No one on earth can tell the king his dream!”

Takeaway: Have you ever experienced circumstances that feel out of control? Have you ever been mistreated? Probably not to the extent that Daniel experienced. Daniel’s life was on the line, and he had no choice but to depend on God. If God is big enough to save Daniel in this circumstance, is he big enough to be trusted with yours?