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Bible Reading / The Life of Daniel

Daniel 4:1-18


Let’s Look Closer: Once again, the king has a high opinion of himself, and despite God demonstrating his power to him, he ignores it. As we saw in chapter two, the king has a dream, and his advisors can’t help.

The dream is about the most powerful person on earth who is about to lose his mind in a degrading way. The king probably already had the dream generally figured out, but he didn’t want to hear bad news. So he called in his advisors, who could be relied upon to give him a positive interpretation.

These advisors were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They are in trouble if they identify someone other than the king as the most powerful person on earth. But Identify Nebuchadnezzar as the person who will lose his mind; they’re also in trouble.

There is only one option left, listen to the guy who fears God more than he fears the king!

Takeaway: Can we be that person in our culture? People go through life giving themselves credit for their accomplishments and ignoring God but then hit a rough patch. Maybe then is when they turn to a godly friend who trusts in God all the time. One who treats people respectfully even when they disagree with them. Being that person requires that we do what God says even when it’s hard.