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Let’s Look Closer: Babylon has been defeated and a new king named Darius takes over. He and Daniel have an excellent relationship. Amazingly, an advisor to the previous enemy king is still held in high regard. This is probably due to Daniel’s intelligence, wisdom, and integrity. But Daniel has enemies, and his enemies find a way to stab Daniel in the back. His enemies feed the king’s pride and lie to the king.

Integrity means you have nothing to hide. Since Daniel trusts in God, he doesn’t need to hide his disobedience to a law that violates the laws of God. The result is that Daniel has a great night’s sleep with some lions, and the king is sleepless with worry.

Takeaway: You might dream of becoming rich or powerful, but you would be better off being faithful to God. We all fail to trust God sometimes, but the more we trust God, the more we will live lives of integrity and calm assurance.