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Let’s Look Closer: Daniel was a man of prayer and listened to what God had to say. He reads the Book of Jeremiah and sees that the Jews will be freed from Babylon after seventy years. Daniel’s knowledge of God’s faithfulness doesn’t give him a sense of entitlement. He knows that if God fulfills His promise, it will be because of God’s mercy, not because Daniel and his people deserve it.

God sends an angel to predict a massive step beyond freedom from captivity in Babylon. He is told that the Anointed one will die after seven sets of seven and sixty-two sets of seven. If the period being talked about is years, that’s 483 years. That takes us to the time of Jesus. Freedom from captivity to an enemy is a great thing, but freedom from sin and the penalty of that sin is even more incredible!

Daniel’s desire for the future is small compared to God’s plan. Daniel is looking forward to the release of his people from Babylon. That release does happen, but it’s not permanent. The people will be defeated again by the Greeks and again by the Romans. The real release comes from God. Freedom from sin leads to eternity with God.

Takeaway: This is a great reminder to help us keep perspective. Getting married, successfully launching your children, or having enough money to retire, are all important dreams and stages of life. Still, we need to remember that our future is indeed an eternity with God!