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Read Matthew 5:5

A beautiful definition of being biblically humble is “to be so free of concern of your own ego that you unreservedly elevate those around you.” We need to understand that God wants us to only care about who He says we are. Not what our friends, our spouses, or the rest of the world says we are. In other words, we should trust God’s plan and His character to help shape our lives.

It is so easy to conform to what the world around us says we are and how we should act. Instead, we should embrace who we are in Christ over who we are in our own flesh. When we allow God to take control of our thoughts and our actions, we more naturally exude His character. Our selflessness, kindness, and gentleness attract others to us, ultimately leading them to see Jesus in us. This creates an amazing circle of faithfulness pleasing to God.

In Jesus speaking this truth, He said that those who are humble “will inherit the earth.” His purpose was to show that if we completely and fully belong to our Lord, the king of the earth, then those who are His will inherit the earth with Him. Unlike our world’s understanding that those with money and influence are strong and can control everything, Jesus tells us that the true inheritors of the earth are those who care who they are in Christ, nothing more, nothing less.