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Bible Reading / The Road to Generosity

A Cheerful Mindset


Read: 2 Corinthians 9:7-8


God doesn’t just want us to be generous, He wants us to be cheerful about it! But why? Why does that matter? It matters because our attitude about giving is more important than the act of giving. God doesn’t just want us to do good things, He wants us to have the right heart and attitude first and foremost. If a person gives begrudgingly, they still gave, but their heart is not open to experience the true joy that comes with giving. This is why generosity and giving are two different things. It’s impossible to be a generous person and at the same time not be cheerful in our heart while engaging in the act of generosity. When our heart is right, we can be cheerful and eager to live openhandedly, living a lifestyle of generosity. And when we do, God will give us everything we need.


Lord, I want to be cheerful and eager to live a life of generosity. Please forgive me for any time in my life where I gave reluctantly or had a bad attitude about giving. I want my heart to align with your heart and to be grateful for what you’ve given me and what you’ve allowed me to give to others.