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Bible Reading / The Road to Generosity

A Gift from God


Read: 2 Corinthians 9:10-15


Everything we have, including our ability to produce, comes from God. What we have been given is from God and is to be used to honor and give glory to God. He is faithful to provide all that we need and He loves when His children are generous toward others and demonstrate the love of Jesus. What we have been given is not for us to keep but for us to give. May we be a people, the body of Christ, the church, that has an eye toward eternity, a cheerful attitude of generosity, relying on God as our source for all things, bringing honor and glory to Jesus. May we be radically generous and loving. May we be a people where others can clearly see by our lifestyle, attitude, and actions that Jesus lives and He lives within us.


Lord, I used to think that what I have been given is all for me. But your Word shows me that you gave to me so I can give to others. Please help me to be radically generous. Help me to have a heart for others, because you have a heart for others. Help me to trust you to take care of me because you are my source. I desire to be cheerful in my giving and to live with my hands open and my eyes toward eternity. Thank you for being patient, loving, gracious and kind toward me. Show me how to do the same for others.