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Bible Reading / The Road to Generosity

Fear is the Enemy of Generosity


Read: 2 Corinthians 8:1-5


Remarkable generosity was shown throughout the The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. But if we’re honest, it also exposes profound flaws in our heart. These flaws beg two telling questions for Christ Followers; 

1) who is our source in life 

2) should we care for others in times of scarcity and uncertainty? 

At times, the empty shelves at the grocery stores were an indication that it was each person for themselves as some people were driven to hoard limited supplies. Fear gripped the hearts of many and fear is an enemy of generosity. Fear also exposed that while we may have thought God was our source, perhaps we were actually more reliant on our paychecks, our bank accounts, and what we could get our hands on at the store. When we are driven by fear we don’t look out for others and we are not fully trusting God. When tough times hit, it reveals if God is our source or if our source is anchored into trusting other things. 

Fortunately for us, the ancient church of Macedonia is an amazing example of how we should act and treat each other in challenging times. The church of Macedonia suffered extreme poverty and they experienced severe persecution yet they were known for their generosity! They put their faith in God instead of things and they took care of others in their community, not just themselves. It’s a beautiful example of what the body of Christ looks like in times of great uncertainty.


Lord, I believe you are my source in life but if there is anything in my heart that shows otherwise, please reveal that to me and help me to put my full trust in you and to have a heart of generosity for others, seeing their needs as well as mine, casting out the fears of this world for the love of my savior.