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Bible Reading / The Road to Generosity

The Attitude of Our Heart


Read: Luke 21:1-4


Living generously is less about money and more about the attitude of our heart and how we view all that God has given us. Jesus' main concern is our heart and attitude. Jesus points out that many of the rich people gave out of religious duty and pride. Their act of giving was to make themselves look better, not others. On the contrary others gave from their heart. And while they may not have monetarily given as much, Jesus, knowing their heart, says they gave more than the rich people. Jesus is not interested in large quantities and amounts if our attitude and posture of our heart is not in the right place.


Lord, I want my heart to be in the right place. I want to have a heart of generosity that is not focused on amounts but rather focused on my heart toward you and what you’ve given to me. I want to give in response to your love for me, not for religious reasons. Thank you for loving me and wanting me to become more like you!