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Bible Reading / The Road to Generosity

Treasures in Heaven


Read: Matthew 6:19-21


Imagine you are temporarily living in a rented studio apartment while building a mansion to permanently live in. You would want your studio apartment to be clean and comfortable but you wouldn’t put much money, time, and effort into installing granite countertops or new hardwood floors because your real investment is in your mansion! Likewise, our real investment as followers of Christ is in our permanent home in Heaven. Jesus Himself tells us to store treasures in heaven, not here on earth. Jesus also tells us the truth about our heart; our heart follows our treasure, not the other way around. Is your treasure focused on eternity or is your treasure found in the things of this world that are temporary and won’t last?


Lord, reveal to me where my treasure is, and if I need to grow in this area, I invite you to help me. I want my heart to follow the right treasure, your treasure, treasure in Heaven.