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Open: Spend a moment just clearing your mind and asking God to show you something from his Word.

Recap: Were you able to act on something yesterday as a result of your reading from Ruth?

Starting Point:

  1. Think of the people in your life who are very focused on what they are doing. Who are they?
  2. Think about the people in your life who are impressive people – what is it that they do that gives them integrity?

Read: Ruth 2:1-13 (Integrity attracts integrity)

Some things to consider:

  • Boaz is a man in Bethlehem who owns large fields and has people work for him that respect him. In fact, when he comes to the field, he greets them with a very cheerful (and godly) greeting that they respond to. Apparently, Boaz is the kind of guy who people look up to.
  • Ruth is a young widow who knows the Law of God. In the Old Testament there are laws that require farmers to leave the corners of their fields unharvested so that the poor and the immigrants can pick from those areas to stay fed. Ruth knows this and takes full advantage of it because both she and her mother-in-law, Naomi, are poor.
  • Just because Boaz is godly, it doesn’t mean he is naïve. He sternly warns the men in his employ that they should not even think of sexually harassing Ruth. Which means that we get a clue that perhaps Ruth, even though she was dressed for work, was a young and attractive woman.
  • We also get a clue about the character of Boaz. He says nothing of her appearance, but speaks about her integrity. Boaz recognizes that Ruth is a hard worker, but more than that, Ruth left her home and family to help her mother-in-law through this very difficult period in her life. Right now, Ruth is the only reason that Naomi will have food to eat at the end of the day.
  • Boaz rewards that kind of character with special treatment and more food. Boaz recognizes (and is possibly attracted to) the integrity of Ruth.

What is it saying?

· In this passage, what is one thing that sticks out to you that God seems to be saying?

What should I do?

· If God is saying something in this passage, what do you feel he is leading you to do today?