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Open: Spend a moment just clearing your mind and asking God to show you something from his Word.

Recap: Were you able to act on something yesterday as a result of your reading from Ruth?

Starting Point:

  1. So we think a lot about God working in the big things (like Moses on Mount Sinai) but does he also work through the little things like Boaz being attracted to Ruth?
  2. Where do I see God at work in the little things in my life?

Read: Ruth 3 (Redemption and maneuvers in the dark)

Some things to consider:

  • Naomi is attempting to find a more permanent situation for the two of them. She notices that Boaz is a relative of Elimelech. Since Elimelech has a son that married Ruth (and is now dead), the laws prescribed a way for relatives to step in for the dead husband and keep the family name alive (Deuteronomy 25:5-10). Apparently, Naomi thinks that Boaz can be this person.
  • Naomi tells Ruth to dress up – not provocatively – just stop wearing mourning clothes. That way she can signal to Boaz that her days of mourning are over and she is potentially available.
  • The words that Naomi uses in these passages can be seen as sort of suggestive. She is to go after work, after he has eaten and is resting and “uncover his feet” while he sleeps. This is to cause his legs to get cold and wake up wondering what is going on.
  • However, Naomi isn’t telling Ruth to get sexually risky here - remember Boaz is a little older than Ruth. He would not ‘get it’ that Ruth is saying “I’m available.” He is also a major boy scout – focused on work and honor, he needs a little extra something to alert him to Ruth’s interest. To uncover his feet in the middle of the night is a forward way of saying, “I am OK for you to think of me as more than just a worker.”
  • Boaz is overwhelmed that Ruth would think of Boaz that way and praises her for considering him (you can see how these two are super-upstanding people). Ever the boy scout, Boaz remembers that legally there is one person who is a closer relative and has the right to marry Ruth first, but Boaz sets about a plan to make sure that he can negotiate him out of that arrangement.
  • Boaz sends her home early to protect her reputation and gives her more food on the way back. This chapter ends with the hope and excitement of something more coming out of this.

What is it saying?

· In this passage, what is one thing that sticks out to you that God seems to be saying?

What should I do?

· If God is saying something in this passage, what do you feel he is leading you to do today?