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Bible Reading / Twelve Days of Christmas

Day Eight


Read: Matthew 2:1-12

When the magi came to Jerusalem looking for Jesus, a paranoid king Herod asked them when they started seeing the star. After the magi told Herod, he devised a plan to kill all the babies in Jerusalem up to two years old. This means the magi paid a visit to a toddler Jesus, not a baby Jesus.

Think about that for a second, though: God knew about Herod and He still sent His Son. Herod was insane, he rounded up and jailed well-liked and respected people and gave orders to have them executed on the day he died so there would be weeping in Jerusalem. And God was okay with Jesus growing up in Herod’s shadow? How does someone put their faith in such a seemingly reckless God?

Especially those of us with anxious thoughts that can spin out of control, how do we remain faithful to a God unfazed by danger? How do we even relate? Must be easy to be God – not a care in the world – no pit in His stomach about day-to-day things. He is able, but how do we handle the Herod’s of this season?

How do we handle the relatives that cut us with a thousand little passive-aggressive comments? The conniving coworkers who position themselves for promotion? The kid who gives you their Christmas list on December 23rd? The dread of another Christmas with no engagement ring? Telling your parents, you’re not going back to school? The anxious feelings of dealing with the mask situation in your home?

God has already said we don’t need to be strong – just honest with our weaknesses. Look at what God told Paul in 2 Cor 12:9:

“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.”

It’s another facet of abiding. In those anxious moments just talk to God: “Lord I can’t, but I know you can.” Take a deep breath and just do what Jesus would do. It’s what Mary, Joseph and all the rest of them did.

Remember to abide – “I can’t but you can.”