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Read: Matthew 2:1-12

Fun fact: Experts think that the star of Bethlehem was a rare grouping of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars – like a secret code to the magi in another country saying, “Hey, I’m doing a new thing over here.”

Another fun fact: Something very similar actually happened in December of 2020 when people saw two of those three bright lights (Jupiter and Saturn) very close to each other. See more here:

Before you click that link, think about that for a second. God put a secret code in the sky for stargazers from another country. They weren’t just ‘wise men’ – they were priests from another religion that studied the entrails of animals and the skies for signs of God. Our word ‘magic’ and ‘magician’ come from magi – God sent a celestial signal to sorcerers.

Seems like God is comfortable with those who don’t share His beliefs.

How about us?

This is something that we have not done so well as believers - especially this year. We are quick to question and condemn others that don’t share our beliefs. Okay, here is the God of the universe – the only one who can judge and condemn – and yet He sees fit to send a personal invitation to the birth of His son to priests from another religion.

Just to make sure – this isn’t all kumbaya. This isn’t a ‘many paths to one God’ moment. God doesn’t share the stage with other religions – that takes time to change – but it was at least a start. If the magi can just get to Jesus, maybe God can do the rest.

It is the same for us - it all starts with a signal – “Hey come see what God’s doing over here.”

What signal are we sending to those who are different from us? To whom are you sending your invitation for one of the Christmas Eve gatherings? Maybe take a moment of boldness and send a signal now?