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Read - Romans 16:7

What Makes Junia a Hero?

When Captain Marvel came out, many were surprised to see a woman in that role. And the Bible has a similar character, whose name was Junia.

For centuries, translations suggested that the name was not Junia, a woman, but Junias, a man. And the reason is that she seems to be identified as an apostle, which, so it has been thought, is a role only a man would have fulfilled. But it's now clear that it is a woman. And Junia is perhaps the Roman name for Joanna, who was part of the larger group of Jesus' disciples and among the women who were the first to see the risen Jesus and commissioned to share that good news with others (see Luke 8:3 and 24:10).

Today's verse shares everything we know for sure about Junia. Still, one significant tidbit is that she was in prison with Paul. And you don't round up people who don't matter. Just like Paul, this courageous woman was devoted to introducing others to the risen Jesus!


Who in your life today needs to hear your story of becoming a life changed by Christ? Why not pray for God to give you the courage and wisdom to follow through with that conversation, following the example of Junia?