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Read - Romans 16:3

What Makes Priscilla a Hero?

Top billing. You know, that name appears first or stands out, among others. In movies, it's usually to draw attention to the biggest star. Similarly, in the first century, it was often to identify the more essential or gifted person in the group.

It's all the more surprising that when Priscilla and her husband Aguila are mentioned in the Bible, her name usually comes first. Over the years, this gifted couple hosted churches in their home in various cities. Priscilla was free to use her extraordinary gifts to help guide and lead these faith communities. And Aquila, it seems, was not threatened by that. They were a great team!

As today's verse reveals, Paul was deeply grateful for this first-century "power couple," as we're all of the churches of that day. And this surely means that nobody was vying for top billing


Do you ever find yourself holding back from using the gifts that God has given you? Why is that? And how might the example of Priscilla encourage you to step out in faith?