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Bible Reading / What's Your Identity in Christ?

What Does "Identity in Christ" Mean?

GAL 5:22-23

Read: Galatians 5:22-23

Let’s answer this question with another question: what are some ways you can tell how someone else defines their identity? Perhaps they’ve told you about their ethnic heritage and their strong family ties. Maybe they’ve shared about a personal value or belief and how it impacts the way they live their life.  

Identity in Christ works the same way. It starts with thinking of yourself as part of his family; sharing in his values and incorporating them into your life. It becomes part of who you are and informs the decisions you make each day. When people ask you about yourself, you share about the influence Jesus has in your life. Not only that, others will be able to tell where your identity is by what they observe of you. 

Today, consider what it means for you to be part of God’s family? How would this influence your values and decisions?