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Sometimes technology just doesn't want to cooperate. If you’re currently experiencing technical issues with the LCBC's Church Online platforms, there are 3 great first steps to resolve any tech issue:

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Double-check your internet connection
  3. Try using a different web browser

9 times out of 10, one of those steps will do the trick! If not, check below for some additional basic troubleshooting tips.


Refresh your browser (CTRL + R keys simultaneously, Command + R on a mac), by clicking the circular arrow symbol at the top of the screen or close it and re-open again – This can fix video freezing and other irregular behavior.

Player Controls

The player controls are located at the bottom of the player window. Often the control bar is hidden until you hover the cursor over the bottom of the player window.

  • Play/Pause Buttonusually located on the lower left corner of the player bar, often times the stream won’t start unless you click thePLAY button
  • Sound Level– Make sure to unmute the audio by clicking the speaker icon in the player control bar and raise the volume with this control as well.
  • Picture Options– Click on the gear icon in the player control bar. Some broadcasts offer different quality levels. Choose higher numbers to increase picture quality. Choose lower numbers to reduce buffering.

Multiple Windows Open

Make sure you only have one browser window or tab open, otherwise you might have two instances of the webcast playing, which will cause an annoying echo.

Multiple Apps Open

Close unnecessary applications. Multiple apps running can slow down the video performance and hog bandwidth.


Reboot your device. This helps to clear the browser cache and re-establish a connection with the streaming server.

Internet Connection

To avoid the gathering freezing up, you’ll need a solid, reasonably robust, internet connection such as a cable modem with speeds over 20Mbps. If you are accessing the internet via a DSL, ISDN, or Satellite you most likely won’t have an ideal experience. Issues with accessing the gathering can also be caused by an outdated modem or router as well as the Wi-Fi network in your home. Lastly, we recommend trying to reduce other sources of traffic on your internet connection.

If you’re using a browser that is built directly into your TV, it’s possible that the manufacturer didn’t account for all technical needs of a modern browser.

Watching Church Online on Your TV

Want to watch church on your wide screen from the comfort of your couch? Good news - there are multiple ways you can enjoy watching our Church Online gatherings on your TV. Check out the following instructions to learn more.

Using a Smart TV that Natively Comes with Amazon Fire or Roku

Some TVs come with Amazon and\or Roku apps already installed and ready to go. If this is the case for your TV, simply search for LCBC in either the Amazon or Roku app to find our Church Online gatherings.

Purchase a Roku, Amazon Firestick, or an Apple TV v.4

One of the easiest ways to access LCBC's apps and many others is through purchasing and installing one of the three streaming devices listed below.

Please note, there are different models of these devices and the links provided as a simple reference. If you purchase an Apple TV, you will need to purchase a generation 4 to be able to install the LCBC app. Many of these devices open up other streaming options to you, not just the LCBC gatherings. For instance, if you have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus you can watch those on these devices too!

Watch with an HDMI cable or by Screen Sharing to Your TV

Attaching a laptop to a TV via an HDMI cable is a tried and true way to get a gathering on a larger display. This normally works very well if your computer can support it. You may also try to screen share your tablet or mobile device via an app that the manufacture of the TV makes. This second method is less stable and limits our IT team in helping to troubleshoot.