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We want to walk alongside you with helpful messages, articles, and additional content on topics like anxiety, depression, and mental health as well as resources for counseling services recommended by LCBC.

It’s our goal to be a resource, and provide resources for you, or give you tools if you're looking to be a support system for someone you love.


4 Bible Stories That Can Give Us A Biblical Perspective on Mental Health

The Bible tells us that mental health matters. Here are 4 Bible stories that tell us more about what the Bible says about mental health.

4 Practical Ways to Support A Spouse with Depression or Anxiety

Find practical ways that you can support your spouse and walk alongside them as they walk through depression or anxiety.

18 Resources To Lean Into in Times of Uncertainty

When we're feeling scared, weak, or anxious, the best step we can take is leaning into the truth that God’s given to us.


Dealing with Addiction

The reality of addiction is intimidating, and it can feel like there’s no way out. But there are practical steps we can take towards freedom. Your addiction does not define you.

Pause and Re-Focus

It's so easy to lose focus in our lives to shame, anxiety, anger, achievement, or anything else that may distract us. But we know that where we're focused is where we'll go in life, and when we focus on Jesus, we're focused on the truth about who we are.

Walking Through Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are becoming more and more common in our society, and God knows our struggles even better than we do, and he knows how to walk through them with us if we’re willing to reach out.

We'd Love to Pray For You

As you’re seeking resources on mental health, let us know how we can be praying for you.

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Additional Resources

Podcasts & Playlists:

Bible Reading Plans:

  • Cry Out: In this 7-day devotional, we will look at groups of hurting people that God saves, redeems, and blesses. God's transforming love is as available today as it was centuries ago. He is simply waiting for us to cry out to him.
  • Wisdom for Mental Health: If you feel overwhelmed by your mental health, you’re not alone. Mental health challenges can feel chaotic. One day you may feel fine, but then you wake up the next day feeling anxious, depressed, or burned out. This 5-day Plan can help you find hope, healing, and peace through wisdom from Scripture.

LCBC-Recommended Counseling Services

If your next step in your mental health journey is finding a counselor, we’ve put together a list of Christian counseling services that we’ve vetted and would recommend. These services are organized by speciality and location, so you can choose a counselor close to home or who specializes in a certain area.

Because availability and services can change frequently click Find A Counselor below and select "Counseling Referral List" and a member of our team will send you the most up-to-date list for your area.

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