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Our world doesn’t value respect. It’s more common to see contempt than kindness. But respect is a personal responsibility. How do we rise above and treat one another with all due respect?

Navigating the Red Zone

Matt Parks · December 31, 2017

When our lives are running smoothly, it’s easy to show respect to those around us. But in stressful situations, it gets tougher to keep our attitudes in check. When we hit our personal Red Zones, those affected the most are often the people closest to us. How can we make sure we’re keeping an eye on what we take in and what we weed out—and what that means when it comes to how we respect others?

The Honor Competition

David Ashcraft · December 17, 2017

We each have an invisible line of standards that we create for other people, and when they don’t measure up, our respect for them lowers. But Jesus called his followers to honor everyone, no matter what we think our standards are. If we’re focused on outdoing each other in the way we honor others, we’ll never lose the honor competition.

Living in Harmony

John Wilkinson · December 10, 2017

The interactions we have with others can turn quickly from conversation to confrontation. It can be easy to argue our positions, but Jesus calls us to care more about the people than our points. When we’re living in harmony, it means we’re acting in love above all else.

The Value of Respect

David Ashcraft · December 3, 2017

It’s hard to find consistent examples of respect in our world today. Respect can be conditional, it can be insincere, and it can be nonexistent. But Jesus calls us to respect everyone—all the time. If we’re representing Jesus, we need to look at the world through His eyes, and follow His command to respect and value every person in His world.