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We are called to love. But how do we show that love through our words, our resources, and our actions? Compassion is more than good intentions. When we know who we’re created to be, we have the freedom to be rich in the way we love others.


David Ashcraft · November 19, 2017

As followers of Jesus, we are instructed to be rich with our resources, and more specifically, to share the resources we’ve been given with those who need it the most—the fatherless. God is the protector and father of all who are fatherless, including the children experiencing poverty in their everyday lives. When we commit to sharing our resources with children in need, we are committing to being a light in their lives that shows them God’s love through our willingness to love.


Jason Mitchell · November 12, 2017

How are we loving others with our time? We all have the ability to influence others with our roles, our resources, and our reputations—it’s how we use that influence that makes a difference. And when we shift our mindset to serving others, we can start using our actions to love like Jesus.


Jason Mitchell · November 5, 2017

As followers of Jesus, the way we love is crucial. God will always give us what we need when we provide for those who are in need. When we love with our generosity, we’re taking what we’ve been given and giving it to others—and we’re showing Jesus to the world through our willingness to give.