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The Truth About God’s Grace: Does it Matter How We Live?

Jason Mitchell · May 14, 2023

Nothing we do can earn God's love or make us lose it. Does that mean we can live however we want?

Why Quitting Religion Results in Better Relationships

Jason Mitchell · May 7, 2023

Religion tells us 4 big lies that distort the way we view ourselves and others - puffing us up and making us look down on others, or beating us down and convincing us we can't measure up.

The Difference Between Jesus’ Way & the Religious Way

Matt Parks · April 30, 2023

If you ever felt like the way you look or act mattered most to Jesus, you weren't being shown Jesus - you were being taught religion. What would happen if our churches and communities were full of people pointing out the heart of God instead of pointing out others' mistakes?

What Does God Want Most from You?

Jason Mitchell · April 23, 2023

Empty religion will break your relationship with God and make you see him as a hardened task-master instead of a loving father. Have you lost your sense of relationship with God and fallen into mindless duties?

The Problem With Religion

Jason Mitchell · April 16, 2023

Have you or someone you know walked away from religion because you were burned by people in it? Maybe you felt burned out by the constant striving to earn God’s favor. This was never what was intended for our lives...