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The local Church is called to be more—more than a weekend habit, more than a place we drop money in a basket, and more than an opportunity to hear a feel-good message. If we’re too comfortable, we’re doing it wrong. How can we step out of playing it safe and into what God intended the Church to be?

Beautiful Feet

David Ashcraft · October 1, 2017

How do we continue to introduce people to Jesus without playing it safe? Join us for a family meeting and update on our ONE LIFE initiative as we gather in worship, hear stories, and talk about the future of reaching people across the state of Pennsylvania for Jesus.

High Stakes and Joyful Business

Scott Fetterolf · September 24, 2017

When the stakes are high, so are the remedies. We may look at some of what God does and wonder why—but the truth is that the stakes of our sin require remedies that we won’t always understand. We can have faith that God looks at our experiences and knows us, and despite our sin, he invites us to celebrate in the joy, freedom, and grace that he has given us as heirs to the throne.

What We Do with What We Know

David Ashcraft · September 17, 2017

How do we introduce people to Jesus while together continuing to fully follow him in the process? When we immerse ourselves in environments that will lead us to fully follow while building disciples, we are working towards the goal of the Church—to be a body that is becoming everything God desires us to become.

Security vs. Opportunity

Scott Fetterolf · September 10, 2017

It can be hard to see something new in what you’ve been familiar with for a long time, but the way we see security vs. opportunity holds more weight than we may think. When God moves, he forces a decision between the two—and how we respond dictates the next season in our journey with him. How do we jump on what God has in store for us so that we can pursue all that he’s created us to be?