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We all see things around us that need to change. It’s easy to think about it, talk about it, post about it. But what are we doing about it?

Baptism Weekend

Jason Mitchell · December 1, 2019

Join us in celebrating over 180 people who decided to go all in by sharing their story through Baptism!

Battling Compassion Fatigue

Jason Mitchell · November 24, 2019

We know we're called to love others, and it can be discouraging when we don't see our compassion making a difference. But big crops always start with small seeds—and we're in the seed planting business.

To Be A Witness

David Ashcraft · November 17, 2019

Why are we here? When we’re bogged down by slacktivism, we can start to forget our purpose. But when we know why we’re here, we can start to live with intentionality.

Go and Do

John Wilkinson · November 10, 2019

When it comes to serving others, God didn’t just tell us how to do it well—he showed us. It’s time to start seeing love as a verb.

Love That’s Easy to See

Jason Mitchell · November 3, 2019

Our society wants to see change, but we aren’t always working to make it happen. As a follower of Jesus, we have an even greater reason to fight slacktivism—and increase our capacity for compassion.