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We can all agree the last few months have been strange—but we can use what we learned to make the future better. It’s time to decide what to start, stop, and keep in this next season.

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Focus On Jesus

Matt Parks · August 30, 2020

Looking around our world today, it's easy to focus on the unknown, the negative, and the divisive. But when we choose to focus on Jesus, we begin to look more like him. What if the best thing we could do in times of uncertainty is fix our focus?

The Habit of Discipline

Jason Mitchell · August 23, 2020

So many times in our lives, we want the payoff without the patience. But achieving our goals starts with moving inches—not miles. Are the habits you've developed working for or against you?

Rest for the Weary

David Ashcraft · August 16, 2020

During uncertain times, we can find ourselves experiencing decision fatigue. Using four common disciplines that followers of Jesus have practiced over the years, we can discover the rest he provides.

Stop Comparing

Leslie McCarthy · August 9, 2020

Whether it's social media feeds, parenting styles, careers, relationships, or finances, we fall into the comparison trap every time we compare our situation to someone else's. But when you rely on what God's given you, you'll find that you have every resource to make a difference right where you are.

Having Knowledge and Using Wisdom

David Ashcraft · August 2, 2020

Even after unpredictable and stressful seasons, we can use what we've learned to benefit our future and the future of others. But the difference between knowledge and wisdom means deciding when what we've learned turns into what we can do.