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We’ve been told a lot of things about Jesus. How do we filter fact from fiction? What if he’s not who we thought he was? In these days of uncertainty and confusion, we could all use some solid ground. Let’s get to know the real Jesus—because nobody likes being lied to.

Living With Joy

Jason Mitchell · May 24, 2020

When we're faced with troubles in life, it's not usually our first thought to consider them pure joy. But the truth is that Jesus came to give us freedom, not make our lives trouble-free. And when we change our perspective on happiness, it can change the way we look at our circumstances.

Making Good Out of A Bad Situation

David Ashcraft · May 17, 2020

We may have been told that following Jesus brings a trouble-free life—but the truth is that Jesus told us we would face trials and sorrows even after following him. But the good news is that God is in the business of making something good out of a bad situation.

Replacing Disappointed with Delighted

Leslie McCarthy · May 10, 2020

Guilt and shame can hang over our heads and weigh heavily on our hearts. But the truth is that when Jesus looks at us, he doesn't see our mistakes and regrets—he sees another opportunity to delight in us.

The Truth About Being In Process

David Ashcraft · May 3, 2020

What does it mean about our faith if we have doubts, questions, and uncertainties—and what does Jesus really think about us not having it all together?

Keeping the Rules vs. Living with Compassion

Jason Mitchell · April 26, 2020

The things that make us angry reveal the things that we care about the most—and the same is true of Jesus. He didn’t create us just to keep his rules, he created us to demonstrate his love to others and live with compassion, not just religious conviction.

Why is Jesus Letting This Happen?

David Ashcraft · April 19, 2020

Which lie is easiest for you to believe about Jesus: he’s angry, he’s too loving to let anything bad happen, or he’s passive and disengaged in our lives? The truth is that Jesus knows what it’s like to be where we are. So what does that mean for us?

Easter At LCBC 2020

David Ashcraft · April 12, 2020

In times of uncertainty, everyone is searching for truth. This Easter, we're exploring it together.