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Stuck. Cornered. Trapped. No Answers. No Way Out. What do you do when your back's against the wall?

Learning from God

John Wilkinson · February 6, 2022

Circumstances, events, and sometimes people put you in a position where you just want justice. But justice is God's business. Instead of teaching someone a lesson, let God teach you.

God’s Presence

Matt Parks · January 30, 2022

Life is messy. We know that pain, fear, and mistakes are frequent. What if we move from asking God to get us out of our messes to asking him to be in the mess with us?

Hearing God

Jason Mitchell · January 23, 2022

When our backs are against the wall, we need to hear from God and be reminded of his love for us. By putting ourselves in a position to hear from God, it allows him to speak and be present in our lives.

God is Near

David Ashcraft · January 16, 2022

When our backs are against the wall we can feel alone or even question if God cares about our situation. But God cares and is closer than you can imagine.

4 Steps To Connecting With God

David Ashcraft · January 9, 2022

What do you do when your back's against the wall? David shares in Psalms a 4-step process to move from our backs against the wall to where we are connecting deeply with God.