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10 Serving Opportunities for Kids of All Ages

We’ve rounded up 10 ways your kids can serve and impact the lives of others.

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When you think about community service projects, where does your mind go first? Maybe picking up trash off the road or working in a soup kitchen – things that are harder to bring kids along for.  

Did you know that there are much more scalable ways even your youngest kids can help make a difference in the local community? We’ve rounded up 10 ways your kids can serve and impact the lives of others: 

10 serving opportunities for kids of all ages 

1. Deliver flowers 

Flowers are a great way to brighten someone’s day and show them you care! Deliver flowers to a friend, family member, or neighbor. 

2. Donate clothes & toys 

Do you find yourself caught up in spring cleaning every year? Spend some time as a family collecting some gently used toys and clothes. Donate your treasures to a local shelter. 

3. Get cooking! 

Bake a yummy treat and deliver it to a teacher or school employee. (Not so handy in the kitchen? Storebought donuts or cupcakes can send the same positive message!) 

4. Thank your helpers 

Write a thank you note for police officers, firefighters, or postal workers to let them know how much you appreciate them. You can even print out this version and color it together! 

5. Draw a picture 

Sometimes people could just use a smile, and giving someone a fun drawing is a great way to help. Not sure who to give it to? Your child’s teacher, babysitter, or doctor would probably love it! 

6. Make cards for a nursing home 

Nursing homes can be a very lonely place, but a handmade card can brighten a resident’s day and let them know someone’s thinking of them. Decorate cards together as a family and deliver them to your local nursing home. (Be sure to make a few for the caregivers, too!) 

7. Help out with yard work 

Bust out the rake and some potting soil and help an elderly friend, neighbor, or family member spruce up their yard. They’ll remember your kindness every time they step outside! 

8. Collect canned goods 

Make your weekly grocery trip an opportunity to be generous! Add a few canned goods and nonperishables to your shopping list and drop them off at a food bank near you. 

9. Don’t forget your furry friends! 

Animal shelters are always in need of food, toys, and blankets. Pick some up and bring them to your local shelter. You may even be able to stick around and love on some cats and dogs! 

10. Start a Little Free Library 

Set up a small, free library in your neighborhood where people can take or leave books!

Serving doesn’t have to be complicated 

These aren’t the only ways your family can make a difference in the lives of others. If this list inspired a different idea for you, run with it! Even small acts can make a huge impact. 


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