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10 Ways to Make the Most of Watching Church Online

Church Online can be more than a last-minute option—if you make the most of it, it could turn into a life-giving opportunity.

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Whether you’re feeling under the weather, dealing with sick kids, or just looking to switch up your weekend schedule, Church Online can be more than a last-minute option—if you make the most of it, it could turn into a life-giving opportunity. Check out 10 ways to make the most of watching Church Online this weekend!

  1. Sleep in for a change. Depending on your schedule, if you’ve been waking up to an alarm for the past few weekends, take an opportunity to not set one and let yourself wake up naturally, then watch at a later time!
  2. Make a big breakfast for just you or for your family. Watch the gathering as you eat, or spend that time together and watch it as you clean up or pile onto the couch with full stomachs and a cup of coffee.
  3. Have a lazy day — This is a fun one. Stay in your PJs all day, no chores, no plans, no need to even brush your hair! Watch church together at home and spend the rest of the day doing as close to nothing as possible. God rested on the 7th day, try it yourself!
  4. Host a watch party by inviting some friends or family to virtually get together and watch the gathering. It’ll be a unique experience and give you a chance to talk via text or video and discuss openly as you watch.
  5. Get your workout done before church, or watch while you work out!
  6. Save special coffee for Sundays mornings — For all the coffee lovers out there, be intentional about grabbing some GOOD coffee and saving it to brew at home while you watch Church Online.
  7. Watch while your kids nap in the afternoon and give yourself some quiet time to really reflect on the gathering.
  8. Have a dinner party with close friends and watch the gathering together in the evening afterwards together.
  9. Take coffee to a friend, maybe a friend who usually works on Sunday mornings and doesn’t get to go to church with you, and invite them to watch the gathering with you later that day.
  10. Get time back in your day, and in your weekend, by cutting down on the commute to church and using it to be productive instead. Meal prep, anyone?

No matter what you do as you watch Church Online, we’re excited to have you as a part of our Church Online community

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