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12 Memorable Ideas for Watching Christmas at LCBC Online

Check out our top ideas for making Christmas at LCBC online gatherings a memorable experience!

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One of our favorite traditions at LCBC is celebrating Jesus’ birth during our Christmas Eve gatherings. If you can't join us in person, Church Online is a great way to join the celebration from wherever you are! Check out our top ideas for making Christmas at LCBC online gatherings a memorable experience!

Ideas for Everyone

  1. Set the Mood - To create some atmosphere, dim your lights and light some candles to watch the gathering. Use our Christmas worship playlist before or after the gathering to help focus on the amazing gift we have in Jesus!
  2. Serve a Meal - Everything is better with food! Whether you’re watching alone or having friends and family over, plan a fun meal you can enjoy during and after the gathering that will help make the experience feel even more special. Christmas cookies and hot chocolate are a great choice, too!
  3. Dress Up - You may just be enjoying the gathering from your couch, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear sweats! Try wearing what you normally would to an in-person gathering or simply add a little green or red.
  4. Host a Watch Party - Christmas is a great time to invite others to LCBC! Plan the whole evening around festive activities like decorating, baking, or showing up in your silliest Christmas sweaters, then settle in to watch the gathering together. If you’re feeling really festive, add some holiday cheer by caroling down the street!

Ideas for Parents

  1. Have a Dance Party - Christmas is a time to celebrate! Watch Christmas Family Jam together before the gathering or simply use our kidVenture Island Spotify playlist anytime!
  2. Watch kidVenture Island Christmas Gatherings - For children ages 2-Grade 4, we have special Christmas gatherings on demand for them to celebrate the gift of Jesus! Watch their gathering after dinner and put them to bed so you can watch Christmas at LCBC with less interruptions. Students Grades 5-12 are encouraged to watch the main gathering with their parents.
  3. Put on Your Jammies - If you have matching pajamas for everyone in your family, then this idea is for you! Even if that’s not your thing, get comfy as a family in your sweats or jammies and enjoy the gatherings together. Try baking cookies specifically for the gathering to add something sweet!
  4. Add a Game - Even the youngest members of your family can participate in Christmas Pictionary! Print out this list or simply use it as inspiration for your drawing ideas. Put each slip of paper with a word on it in a mug, assign teams and get drawing!

Ideas for Across the Miles

  • Watch Together with Tech - Share the Church Online link with your distant loved ones and choose a time to watch the gathering together. Jump on a video chat or group text afterward to discuss the gathering and talk about the rest of your Christmas plans.
  • Show Off Your Decor - Before the gathering, use FaceTime, Zoom or another platform to show off your ugly sweater or your Christmas decorations. Invite others to watch the gathering with you and make it a contest - best tree wins!
  • Add a Little Trivia - Spend extra time together as friends or family with three rounds of Christmas trivia. Designate one person to read the clues and ask everyone to be on the honor system. Decide ahead of time if you’re playing for pride or prize.
  • Extend the Invitation - There’s never been an easier time to invite anyone to Christmas at LCBC! Whether they live next door or across the globe, invite someone to watch the gathering with you this year.

No matter how you plan on enjoying Christmas at LCBC this year, we hope you’re filled with the hope this season brings in the birth of Jesus!

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