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15 Movies & Their Perfect Food Pairings

Love movies? Love food? Here are 15 films that you can stream from home, and movie-inspired recipes to go with each one.

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Sitting down to watch a good movie is a universal way to forget the real world for a few hours and engage in the stories that make us laugh, cry, and even cook? As you try to decide what to watch on your next free Friday night, check out this list of fun family movies to watch and movie-inspired recipes to go with each one! 

Family Friendly

Frozen 2 - Watch it on Disney+

Eat like a reindeer with Sven’s Treats—mini carrots with dip make a light snack to chomp as you watch this new Disney classic. Now just try to get that song out of your head! 

Toy Story 4 - Watch it on Disney+

If you’re feeling creative (but not too overly adventurous), try out this recipe for Alien Jell-O Cups to represent your favorite green friends. Just add googly eyes! Your family will be “eternally grateful.”

Mulan - Watch it on Disney+

Find inspiration from Mulan’s empowering story to make this Asian fusion Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry dish. Follow this recipe from The Rose Table that she used in her Mulan-themed dinner party, and we recommend playing the Mulan soundtrack in the background for added motivation.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Hulu Premium or rent it on Amazon Prime

If you’ve seen Into the Spider-Verse, you probably remember the burger scene. Try your hand at making burgers at home—grab meat patties from the store (or make your own!) and all the fix-ins to create the ultimate burger. Then chow down as you watch Miles and Peter B. Parker eat at the best burger place, according to Peter.

Avengers: Endgame - Watch it on Disney+

Celebrate one of the heroes of The Avengers with these Captain Marvel Star Spangled donuts! You’ll have fun creating the concoction of red and blue donut batter and decorating this delicious treat as you root for them to save the world—again!

The Aeronauts - Watch it on Amazon Prime

Soar into the clouds while making hot air balloon cake pops! This recipe is a little more complex than some of the other suggestions on this list, but the outcome will be worth it as you float up into the adventurous story of The Aeronauts. 


Back to the Future - Rent it on Amazon Prime

Ever heard of Pepsi Perfect? Even if you haven’t, celebrate a great treat from any era and make some soda floats! You can use the traditional rootbeer, or even Pepsi, drop in some ice cream scoops, and you’re ready to jump on your hoverboard.

The Sandlot - Watch it on Disney+

You’re killing me, Smalls! Obviously the perfect pairing for watching The Sandlot is making your own s’mores at home! Grab your graham crackers, your marshmallows, and your chocolate, and create the perfect fireside snack. “Then, you scarf.”

The Parent Trap - Watch it on Disney+

We can’t even think about the camp scenes in this movie and not start dreaming of oreos and peanut butter! If you’ve never tried it, give it a whirl—we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Sports Movies

Remember The Titans - Watch it on Disney+

Who doesn’t want to pair football with a solid snack food? For this iconic sports movie, we’re thinking Smoky Chicken Nachos is the way to go. Prep this tasty dish as you get ready to laugh, cry, and remember why you love Remember The Titans.

Miracle - Watch it on Disney+

Get patriotic as you root for the U.S. men’s hockey team while watching Miracle and eating a refreshing Patriotic Berry Trifle, featuring angel food cake, blueberries, and strawberries. This is a great refreshing summer dessert that will get you in the mood to chant “USA!” 

Invincible - Watch it on Disney+

How can we pass up the opportunity to recommend a classic for this Philadelphia film—the philly cheesesteak! Enjoy it as you watch Vince Papale go after his dream of being picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles.


The Princess Bride - Watch it on Disney+

Great news—The Princess Bride is now on Disney+, and you can enjoy it with one of the foods we see in the film, Fezzik the Giant’s Stew. Create this delicious stew at home and sit down to watch one of the classics as you eat.   

The Sound of Music - Watch it on Disney+

Can you recite the entirety of “Do-Re-Mi” from memory? Then you probably see where we’re going with this suggestion. Brew some â€śti” (or tea) and enjoy it with jam and bread as you sing along with all the songs in this musical. 

Cheaper By The Dozen - Watch it on Disney+

One of our favorite scenes in this classic family story is when the family sits down to a big breakfast with all the kids. Take some time and make your own version of the Cheaper By the Dozen Family Breakfast! Eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice, maybe even cinnamon rolls? Make it breakfast, brunch, or even breakfast for dinner as you eat and enjoy this fun film.

If you love movies and the life lessons they can teach us, don’t miss out on joining us for our At The Movies series! We’ll be watching clips from popular films every weekend and hearing how they can show us how to live the best lives possible. Save the date—we’d love to see you there!

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