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3 Ideas for Holiday Tensions We're Facing In 2020

If you’re experiencing a little holiday tension this year, check out these tips and resources for Christmas 2020.

Mental Health
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Christmas is generally referred to as the most wonderful time of the year. We get to enjoy celebrating the birth of Jesus and what that means for our eternity. We spend time with loved ones giving gifts and catching up. And we spread Christmas cheer with our decorations and well wishes.

But Christmas can also be a time where we may experience anxiety, stress or frustration. This year specifically, your plans and traditions may be shifting and that may be causing stress in your life. If you’re experiencing a little holiday tension this year, check out these tips and resources for Christmas 2020.

Tensions with Expectations

  • Tension: For some of us, keeping our annual traditions is important because it creates stability and special moments. In 2020, your holiday may be altered and that can cause tension. Maybe it’s the last Christmas your children will all be under one roof and you want it to be extra special or maybe your family can’t travel this year. It’s easy to feel disappointed when circumstances aren’t what we planned.
  • Suggestions: There is nothing wrong with wanting to uphold these special activities or events - it means you care! Give yourself grace in this unusual season that we’re living through. What’s important is that your loved ones know they are cared for and that you celebrate the birth of Jesus. Take some time to talk to God about any tensions you're feeling and ask him to give you peace. Spend Christmas focusing on God and his gift to us and maybe try a new tradition this year.

Tensions with Feelings

  • Tension: We tend to couple the Christmas season with reflecting on the decisions we’ve made throughout the year. What if I hadn’t broken up with him? What if I hadn’t declined that job offer? There are many questions we ask ourselves that may lead to stress or anxiety.
  • Suggestions: It’s natural to think back on choices we made so we can learn from them. The downside can be when we focus too much on those decisions that it stresses us out. Check out these resource that can help you lean on God as you’re navigating tensions with feelings this year:

Tensions with Finances

  • Tension: We all love celebrating the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas, but some years that may place a financial tension on our budgets. This year you may have experienced financial changes due to COVID and may be feeling that stress.
  • Suggestions: Start by talking with your family about the birth of Jesus and spend time celebrating the gift God gave us. Then have an honest conversation about your Christmas budget together as a family. Teaching your children or other loved ones about being wise with your finances can positively impact their view of finances too. Next, consider the gift of quality time with these ideas to spend more time together as a family. Finally, consider these 10 financial resources to bring hope this season.

Regardless of what your Christmas 2020 looks like, we are here for you and look forward to celebrating the hope we have this season! Join us for Christmas Eve gatherings and invite someone to attend in-person or online with you. If you’d like prayer in this season, contact us through our website or through the LCBC app.

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