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4 Easy Ways to Invite Anyone to Easter At LCBC

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At LCBC, our mission is to introduce people to Jesus and together fully follow him. That means as we follow Jesus and develop in our personal relationship with him, we should continue to be sharing his love and inviting others to discover it along with us! Easter is right around the corner, and whether you’re celebrating with us in-person or online, it’s still the perfect time and opportunity to invite someone to experience Easter At LCBC and what a relationship with Jesus could look like. Get creative this year and explore fun and easy ways to invite others to Easter.

1. Easter Eggs & Invitations

You can make inviting a family activity by dyeing and decorating eggs as a family - use a crayon to personalize your eggs into invites by writing “” on them in crayon before dyeing and then give them to friends and neighbors! Make the invite in-person or write a note and leave it on their doorstep.

2. Say “Thank You” and “You’re Invited”

Use inviting as an opportunity to also say thank you to some of the people who have made your life easier this season, whether it’s family members, your mail carriers and Amazon delivery drivers, or local frontline workers, bake or buy a treat and deliver it with a “thank you” and a personalized invitation to Easter At LCBC. 

3. Be Social

This one’s really easy - head over to @LCBCchurch on Instagram and Facebook and share or send a direct message with Easter At LCBC times and locations right from our accounts to your friends and family who you want to invite. Check out our Highlights on Instagram to send direct DMs. They’ll have all the information in one place!Send A Digital Invite - There’s a new way that makes it simple to personalize an invite to Easter At LCBC, and it’s called our Digital Invite Tool! Complete a short form to select your location and gathering time, choose how you’d like to send your invite (via text or email), input your invitee’s information, and we’ll send a message directly to them from you with everything they need to join you for Easter At LCBC! Check it out and send out some invites.

No matter how you’re inviting others to Easter this year, we’re looking forward to celebrating with you in-person or online! Visit to get all the information you need to join us and invite others!

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